„Our method of teaching and interacting with the children is based on progressive education principles.“
Smiling girls
„That means, when Ms Timm does projects with us and doesn't just stand at the front saying boooooring stuff.“

The approach taken by our private school is predicated on the binding educational standards of the state of hesse.

As a state-licenced primary school, the relevant curricula are mandatory for us and we comply with those requirements. Our progressive educational philosophy is furthermore predicated on holistic, open learning which engages all of the senses. We employ a variety of teaching methods to help guide our pupils down their own path to learning. Inquisitive, critical and open, just like our namesake, Erasmus of Rotterdam.

Parents notice immediately that teaching and learning is done differently here at the Erasmus Frankfurter Stadtschule.

Our progressive approach to education is evident in the way we handle weekly lesson plans, which the children work through in the course of each week at their own pace. It is also visible in longer-term project weeks on interesting topics, which focus on a specific interdisciplinary topic and give the children the opportunity to discover the diversity of a topic with all their senses and from different perspectives.

Using the co-teaching approach, lessons are always structured so that the teachers can identify pupils' strengths or weaknesses. We can then provide those pupils with individual challenges/remedial support where necessary. Working together with special needs teachers and educational therapists makes it possible for us to constructively address social or learning deficits but also giftedness. Our work is always reviewed by objective testing.

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„We offer trilingual instruction in German, English and Spanish using the immersion method.“
„Mr Roche, you don't really have a special trick. You just speak nothing but English with us all the time.“

The Erasmus primary school successfully instituted the immersion method for English and Spanish several years ago.

For children in particular, the immersion method is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language. Children are exposed on a daily basis to English or Spanish spoken the entire time by our native-speaking teachers, and are immersed in the other language almost incidentally. Mr Roche explains more about the "one person, one language" approach and the success everyone, Erasmus pupils as well as parents , can look forward to after completing primary school.

After only three years at the Erasmus Frankfurter Stadtschule primary school, as they enter the fourth year, children are able to speak and understand English or Spanish very well, read a children's book in the language or compose and give a short presentation on a topic from their general studies. Isn't that a wonderful achievement for a method that enables our children to learn the foreign language almost without even trying? We think so!

How exactly do we employ this method of instruction? German, English and Spanish are used as the working languages for interdisciplinary instruction by native-speaking teachers based on the Canadian method for early language acquisition. Each class is led by a team of two teachers, one speaking German and the other speaking his or her native language of Spanish or English. Those two teachers instruct the pupils every day using co-teaching.

As consistently as possible based on the principle of "one person ‐ one language".

This means that the children come to associate each teacher with a specific language and use that one language to communicate with that one teacher. The goal is that, by the end of primary school, each child will be able to speak and write in the primary language of German as well as their first chosen foreign language and will have basic skills in the second foreign language. Parents decide at the outset whether their child will attend an "E" or an "S" class and receive instruction with a focus on English or on Spanish.

The three languages spoken at our school – German, English and Spanish – are an ever-present part of our day-to-day school routine.

It is also self-evident to us that we foster the children's language abilities individually or are able to integrate them as transfer pupils with specific language skills into various school years. There's a lot to tell about our school's immersion method.

„We are an all-day school and provide supervision from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.“
„Daddy says they do such a good job of it, staying from 17:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. once in a while might not be such a bad thing.“

What about school holidays? The Erasmus primary school is closed for a maximum of 22 school days.

The Erasmus Frankfurter Stadtschule does more than just supervise children, it offers them an enriched leisure and holiday programme. In a major city like Frankfurt, many parents are dependent on all-day supervision for their children. This was the primary reason behind the school's inception. The private school was founded in response to an initiative by parents whose aim was not just to have supervision for their children but also a nurturing and high quality programme. We are constantly refining and enhancing our programme in many respects.

Our supervision programme and our varied leisure and holiday programmes

In addition to afternoon classes, such as yoga for children, drama, chess, handicrafts or collaborating with a music school, the children can also look forward to holiday programmes for which we always come up with interesting topics. We cooperate with external providers and organise frequent field trips to museums, theatres, horse ranches, the botanical garden. We're filled with ideas for making the holidays fun.

You'd be surprised at all the things we can do for your children.

The Erasmus Frankfurter Stadtschule offers a stable, transparent and attractive tuition and fee structure.

We're proud to be able to regularly send children from the primary school on to secondary schools with above-average educational skills – children who are able to start a new school with confidence. And as important as such measurable results are, we also pride ourselves on being able to offer a spirit of partnership and community and to make this accessible to as many parents as possible. With attractive tuition fees and associated services for the Frankfurt area.

Tuition and other fees

The overview shows the monthly tuition and fees for the meal plan and any late-afternoon supervision. The costs shown do not include costs for class trips, school holiday projects, school uniforms and material for personal use.

Tuition fee*
478,- €
Food and Nutrition
120,- €
After School Daycare (optional)
105,- €

* Tuition for the 2019/20 school year is EUR 239 and includes afternoon schooling and supervision until 4:30 p.m. This does not include the meal plan. Supervision from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. is optional. Further fees include: EUR 75 one-time registration fee, EUR 2,200 one-time admission fee and EUR 110 annual fee for supplies.

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Partial scholarship for the Erasmus Frankfurter Stadtschule Grundschule

As from the scholastic year 2019/2020, the Elternverein am Palmengarten, which supports the Erasmus School, will be offering a partial scholarship for pupils attending the primary school. One scholarship will be offered each year. The scholarship covers two thirds of the monthly fees. The school will also cover the costs of the admission fee.

Please contact Matthew Bonnici: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to receive further information.